Captured Dimensions

State: Texas
3D Scanners: Photogrammetry Setup (DSLR)
3D Printers Projet x60 Color Printer

We are a team of technologists and artists with an unbridled passion for the world of 3D Printing and a strong desire to digitize anything and everything. With several 3D Scanning tools in our arsenal, we can capture a huge array of subjects in high quality for use in digital media or 3D Printing. Based in Plano (Dallas), TX, we have one of the first studios of its kind in the States.

We excel in the photographic scanning of subjects for 3D digital models. With our unique and innovative array of simultaneously triggered digital cameras we can create high resolution, fully textured, 3D models of a subject unmatched by other 3D scanning techniques. 3D models of people, pets, and other constantly moving objects are now easily accessible. The sciences of photogrammetry and photo-modeling combined with increasing software and computer power make this all possible.