FORGE 3D Printing Studio

State: Florida
3D Scanners: Microsoft Kinect Sensor
3D Printers Projet 4500 Color Printer

FORGE ain't your mama's 3d printer. Yet.

FORGE provides high tech 3D printing customizations in a simplified, mom-friendly environment.

FORGE was created when several daydreamers decided only actions, not just brainstorming, could turn their "What -ifs" into "Why -nots".

What if 3D printing was available and visible locally? Why not.

What if it was as easy to manufacture something as it was to design a brochure? Why not.

What if this technology helped define Jacksonville's technological niche? Why not.

What if we could establish a retail store with only goods manufactured locally? Why not.

What if, in pursuit of our own happiness, we could make others happy? Why not.

Now, FORGE is open in downtown Jacksonville to experience the pains and joys of emerging 3D printing technology firsthand and share our experience, and passion, with everyone that stops by. What if you stop by? Why not.