State: California
3D Scanners: Microsoft Kinect Photogrammetry Setup (Non-DSLR) Sensor
3D Printers Projet x60 Color Printer

The Twindom founding team met in 2011 in a mobile application development class at U.C. Berkeley. After working on various startup ideas together for over a year, their struggles with the inaccessibility of on-campus 3D printers and 2-4 week lead times from online 3D printing services led them to develop their first startup, Dreambox: freely accessible 3D printing for all.

The first complete 3D scanning system debuted in September 2013 at the Exploratorium store in San Francisco, and was received with tremendous enthusiasm by the general public. After establishing locations in San Mateo, Houston, TX, and most recently San Jose, CA, we have seen only positive receptions, and look forward to sharing our product, our brand, and our stories with communities everywhere as we continue to grow.